About us
Happy to see you here!
We are Denis and Anton, professional pastry masters, musicians and pedagogues.

For the past 8 years we have been working together in the field of confectionery, and we learned a valuable truth: we do not want to and will not hide our knowledge, experience and techniques from others!

We are passionate about pastry, and we teach our craft to other people with lots of passion and sparkle in the eye.

We love what we do. We enjoy transferring knowledge and our best practices to others. We are happy to see fellow pastrymen excel! We do not consider them competitors, we treat them as colleagues! We want colleagues to reach new levels in their mastery.
We dream about developing confectionery as art and making it grow. In fact, we truly believe that confectionery is art! Art which is home to imagination, inspiration, bright revelations and real masterpieces!
We strive for the high professional levels in confectionery practitioners. This is why we always support the acknowledged standards and never go below the limits of the golden (or rather, delicious chocolate) saying:
«There are no limits! Think broader, through all dimensions, deeper!»

In 2020 we educated over 1000 confectionery artists around the world! Our students develop their craft in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Estonia, Italy, Spain, UAE, USA, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Canada, UK, Ireland, Romania, Czechia and other countries.
What is crucial to know about our learning process: we will not be decorating foam plastic, we will be baking real (live!) cakes. Each course we offer results in around 50 kg of genuine, fragrant, delicious cakes!
Starting 2021, we will open up to a new dimension and organize online confectionery courses. We know from experience: pastry-making is a popular profession.

We will be glad to see you on our video-tutorials, online streams, and courses. We want to broaden our reach within the community even more and contribute to its growth. We want to help confectioners make the lives of people around them tastier, richer, more vivid and fun!

Denis and Anton