Conditions for payments and payment security, returns, and confidentiality of information
Return of payment shall only be possible under condition that Customer did not use the Member Login to view the purchased content. Member Login activation status is captured and retained by the resource.

No cash refunds shall be in place for payments made by bank card. In case of service delivery termination, return of payment shall be processed to the form of payment that was used to purchase the service, unless specified otherwise by a mutual agreement of the parties.

To request a refund to a bank card, email and enclose "Statement of Refund". Money should be transferred to the bank card within 7 (seven) calendar days from the moment the Company receives the "Statement of Refund" from the Customer.

Refund sum shall be equal to purchase sum.

To process a refund on transactions processed by error, email, enclosing your written statement and documented confirmation of erroneous transaction attached (confirmation of payment/receipts).
Bank card payments are processed by ZAO “Alfa-Bank”

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Belcart as payment methods. You can also pay by Apple Pay, Samsung Pay. Payment security is ensured by advanced methods of verification, encryption and secure channels of data transmission.

Card data is processed via a secure authorization page supplied by the bank. To pay, you will need to supply the following information from the card: card number, card holder, valid through date and card verification code. Card verification code (CVV2 for VISA, CVC2 for MasterCard) is the three digits you see at the back of your card. If your card supports 3DSecure technology or is protected by an online password (for Belcart holders), you will be redirected to the webpage of the bank that issued the card, to proceed with a security code. If you pay through Apple Pay, select the card from the Wallet app, use the password or other form of authentication based on the choice you have set for the app. If you pay via Samsung Pay, click "Pay with Samsung Pay", enter your Samsung Account and confirm the purchase on your smartphone (by using your fingerprint, iris recognition or Samsung Pay PIN).

The personally identifiable information you provide (e.g., name, address, phone number, email, bank card ID, etc.) shall be kept confidential. Your card data is encrypted during transfer and is not stored at our web resource.