1 March 2021
This Public Offer on Rendering Reimbursable Education Services (hereinafter "Agreement") shall be treated as Contract of Adhesion and identifies the process of rendering Services in the sphere of education and leisure, as well as mutual rights, obligations, and manner of relationships between Individual Entrepreneur Sheleg Anton Sergeevich, UNP (Payer's Account Number) 193504303 (hereinafter "Service Provider") who acts based on his State Registration Certificate, and a physical and/or legal entity (hereinafter "Customer") who has accepted the public offer and thus concluded the agreement with Service Provider.


For the purpose of this offer, the following terms and definitions shall be used in the following meaning:

Agreement — the agreement between Customer and Service Provider for rendering reimbursable Services by Service Provider to Customer concluded by the purchase of offer.

Offer — the present document, a public offer. Publishing the text of the Offer at webpage shall be treated as a public offer addressing a wide audience with the aim to render a particular type of Services. The agreement shall be concluded by the Customer from the moment they pay for the Service (accept the offer), as defined in Paragraph 5 Article 408 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus.

Offer Acceptance — full and unconditional acceptance of the Offer by undertaking actions described in Unit 5.3 of Paragraph 5 of the present Agreement.

Offer acceptance shall be treated as the conclusion of Agreement between Service Provider and Customer.

In the view of the above, please thoroughly examine the text of the present Agreement. Should you disagree with any of its provisions, the Service Provider encourages you not to perform actions required for offer acceptance, or to conclude an agreement on individual terms, having discussed them with the Service Provider.

Full and unconditional acceptance of the Offer shall be seen in the rendering of suggested Services to the Customer by the Service Provider. For Services that are rendered by the Service Provider on special occasions (if such are taking place) with the possibility of payment in installments, full and unconditional acceptance of the Offer shall be seen in installment of the first part of the payment in the amount agreed by the parties.

Service Provider — Individual Entrepreneur Sheleg Anton Sergeevich, who is statutorily registered in the Republic of Belarus and renders Services over the Internet.

Customer — a party that concludes the Agreement with the Service Provider for rendering reimbursable services as established by the Public Offer.


2.1. The Service Provider shall render reimbursable Services in the sphere of education and/or organization of adults leisure, and the Customer shall accept the Services and pay for them in the manner and under the conditions established by this Agreement.

2.2. The Service Provider is entitled to amend the Agreement, wherefore the Customer is obliged to carefully review the latest version of the Agreement/Public Offer prior to receiving Services. The latest version of the Public Offer is available at


3.1. The present Agreement shall be understood as a Public Offer, in view of Art. 396 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus, where the Service Provider undertakes to render Services to private individuals (Customers) who request given Services to be provided.

3.2. Publishing the text of this Offer at the Service Provider's webpage shall be treated as a public offer by the Service Provider, addressing private entity/entities — the Customer/Customers — to conclude this Agreement, according to Article 407.2 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus.

3.3. This Agreement shall be concluded by Customer by adhering to the Agreement in full, unconditionally, without amendments of text or withdrawals, according to Article 398 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus.

3.4. To confirm acceptance of the terms of Agreement, the Customer shall remunerate the Service Provider for the Services rendered, in the manner and under the conditions established by the present Agreement.

3.5. This Agreement shall be considered concluded in writing, assuming compliance with the payment process and provisions of Articles 404 and 408 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus.

3.6. The present Offer shall be valid in the same wording and under the same conditions as it stood at the moment of Offer payment processing.


4.1. Service Provider shall:
4.1.1. ensure Services are rendered to Customer in the amount and under the terms identified by the parties to this Agreement (hereinafter — Parties).
4.1.2. supply reliable information to Customer via email about rendered Services, ways of providing them, payment conditions, and other information required to fulfill this Agreement.

4.2. Service Provider has right to:
4.2.1. involve third parties to perform his obligations based on this Agreement, refer to Services/work by third parties to ensure Services are rendered under the terms of this Agreement.
4.2.2. enforce safety rules, norms of behavior in public, attitude of care towards belongings of the Service Provider and/or third parties on Customer.
4.2.3. demand full compensation, should Customer incur damage to the belongings of the Service Provider and/or third parties.

4.3. Customer shall:
4.3.1. observe regulations for ensuring safety, norms of behavior in public, attitude of care towards belongings of the Service Provider and/or third parties, treat other visitors with respect, prevent activities that might constitute danger to others.
4.3.2. fully compensate for any damage the Customer incurred to the Service Provider and/or third parties.
4.3.3. observe the terms of the present Agreement.

4.4. Customer has right to:
4.4.1. demand from the Service Provider proper execution of Services based on terms of this Agreement


5.1. Costs of Services identified in the present Agreement are announced at and may be subject to change by Service Provider unilaterally. New costs of Services shall be binding from the moment of their announcement but shall not extend to the Services paid for before the announcement.

5.2. Payment for the chosen service shall be processed by depositing a payment equal to 100% of costs to the bank account of the Service Provider on condition of prepayment.

5.3. Payment shall be considered completed at the moment when funds reach the account of Service Provider.


6.1. No separate statement of service acceptance/delivery shall be issued by the Service Provider to the Customer for rendered Services. Regulation No. 13 of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus of 12.02.2018 establishes that the primary reporting document to confirm completion of a business operation can be drafted by the participant of the business operation unilaterally.

6.2. Delivery of Services under this Agreement shall be confirmed by consumption of Services by Customer.


7.1. Should a party fail to execute, or inappropriately execute responsibilities defined for the parties by the present Agreement, it shall be held responsible under the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus, taking into account the particularities defined by this Agreement.

7.2 Service Provider shall not be responsible under this Offer for:

  • self-inflicted damage to the life and safety of Customer that occured due to failure of Customer to follow safety guidelines during service rendering;
  • discrepancies between Services actually provided and Customer's subjective expectations and perception of such Services;
  • harm caused to the life and health on fault of the third parties, including damage inflicted by third parties.


8.1. The present Agreement shall be concluded from the moment the Customer transfers funds to the account of the Service Provider, and remains in effect till the needed Services have been provided.

8.2. The Customer shall agree unreservedly that, once the Services have been rendered as implied by this Agreement, and in cases mentioned in Paragraph 7.2 of the present Agreement, Customer shall not be entitled to reimbursement of costs paid for the Service, or to other types of reimbursement, even if the Service offer is still standing.

8.3. Parties shall unconditionally recognize provisions of this Agreement as binding.


Individual Entrepreneur Sheleg Anton Sergeevich (ИП Шелег Антон Сергеевич)
UNP (Payer's Account Number) 193504303
Account BY85 ALFA 3013 2763 8500 1027 0000