We are Denis and Anton, professional pastry masters, musicians and pedagogues.

We dream about developing confectionery as art and making it grow. In fact, we truly believe that confectionery is art! Art which is home to imagination, inspiration, bright revelations and real masterpieces!

For the past 8 years we have been working together in the field of confectionery, and we learned a valuable truth: we do not want to and will not hide our knowledge, experience and techniques from others!

We are passionate about pastry, and we teach our craft to other people with lots of passion and sparkle in the eye.

We strive for the high professional levels in confectionery practitioners. This is why we always support the acknowledged standards and never go below the limits of the golden (or rather, delicious chocolate) saying:
«There are no limits! Think broader, through all dimensions, deeper!»

What makes our
online school unique?
We are not planning to bore you with dozens of terms, formulas and difficult naming conventions.

We will not treat you with reproach or pity.

What will you get?

You will receive clear-cut and thoroughly considered online confectionery tutorials where we share a great deal of knowledge, experience, giving out details lavishly!

We will unveil confectionery secrets, hints and techniques that will make you unrivalled and wanted anywhere in the world!

You will get a full professional deepdive into pastry-making — while significantly sparing your money and time, as the course of your choice will be available online from start to finish.
available tutorials
Learn how to cake biscuit, make ganache, create form and assemble the cake
Learn how to cake basil and matcha tea biscuit, dorblu cheese cream, create mold and assemble the cake
Girl on a Ball
Available Jule 15th
sponge cake, cake assembly, cake construction
Art Cube
Available Jule 15th
Sponge cake, cream, cake assembly, cake construction
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